Digital recorders

RBR 2610
500GB hard drive, up to 130,000 channel hours can be stored locally.
Ultimate reliability and stability in non stop recording environments with guaranteed high
performance and minimal data loss in the event of power failure
Recorders configurable as master/slave and fitted with dual PSUs and RAID storage systems to

improve resistance to failure
Recordings are stored locally to HDD prior to being archived on disk, tape media or written to a
Network Attached Storage device off site
Remote serviceability and flexible upgrade capability to accommodate emerging standards
Redundancy and Resilience
Monitoring capability through an alarm and monitoring application or use of SNMP
Alarms trigger user messages on the monitoring application and generate SNMP traps
All alarms, warnings, configuration changes and replay operations are logged
Access to the recorder requires user name and password log in
Call data is written to disk and archived in a secure proprietary format
Security and Monitoring
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