Digital recorders

RBR 2620
The RBR 2620 offers a powerful plug and play, single box solution to IP recording with optimum connectivity.
The recording platform utilises the very latest software techniques to provide high performance simultaneous record and replay.
Local or remote access is provided through user friendly WEB based interfaces with every recording being quick and easy to retrieve.
Up to 256 concurrent recording channels on one recording platform
Unique 'roving' licence mode minimises licensing costs by allowing any number of devices to be recorded with only the licensed
number of devices actually recorded
All recordings are timestamped with increased accuracy available through SNTP
Ability to record parties to conversations separately for speedy verification
Calls can be monitored whilst in progress using the Live Acquire™ feature
Simple to use WEB based replay application
Authorised users can replay from the call store (local or remote), online archive devices or offline media
Replay can be provided directly to any phone using the optional Replay-to-Phone server solution
Stereo replay and silence suppression for ease of monitoring
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