The affordable, compact 3105 UPS brings the latest power protection advancements to home offices and small businesses and branch offices. The redesigned Powerware 3105 is now a high-frequency Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) UPS to provide a more efficient power supply and ensure reduced power consumption while providing the same level of performance and features as previous models. Ready to switch to UPS battery power any time it detects a power problem within the utility, the 3105 UPS delivers reliable power quality and UPS backup power for wireless phones, small office PBX or key phone systems, home office workstations, small office desktop servers, small network nodes, point-of-sale systems, and computer peripheral devices.
Features & Benefits
 Pulse Width Modulated to provide a more efficient power supply while reducing power consumption
 Protects small office and home office equipment from power outages, surges, sags, and line noise


 Technology: Series 3 (standby)
 Power Rating: 500-700 VA
 Voltage: 230 VAC
 Backup time: Full load 3 min
 Half load 8-10 min
Powerware 3105 UPS


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