The Powerware 5115 Rackmount UPS is a high-density power quality and backup power protection solution ideal for servers, storage systems, network equipment and other critical devices. Delivering basic surge protection and backup power, the Powerware 5115 Rackmount UPS additionally offers the best UPS power protection against five of the nine common power quality problems.
The slim design and wide range of UPS system installation possibilities make the Powerware 5115 Rackmount UPS the most versatile UPS power quality solution available.
Features & Benefits
  Conserves valuable space with 1U rack height
  Doubles battery service life and gives you advanced warning of the end of useful battery life with ABM technology
  More Powerware 5115 Rackmount UPS features & benefits...

 Power Rating: 500-1500 VA
 Voltage: 120 V and 230 V
 Frequency: 50/60 Hz auto sensing
 Configuration: Multi-mount 19 inch rack,
23 inch rack, zero U & wall mount


Powerware 5115 Rackmount UPS
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